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Automatic geolocations bypass
Location switch hassle solved

Whether you want to stream inaccessible content, get access to restricted websites or find the world's best deals, Hoody automatically connects you to the smartest, fastest, and most private location. Let us worry about your server or location.

Access your favorite streaming websites
from anywhere in the world

Unlock a world of entertainment, watch Netflix and other streaming platforms from any country. Gain access to region-specific libraries of movies, sport events or TV shows.


Change your location for
specific websites & apps

Your entire device isn't locked to a single location like with a VPN. Hoody is highly customizable and lets you configure a unique location for each website and app, without ever disconnecting your network.

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Automatically set location
when a website is blocked

Unlike VPNs, Hoody understands if the website you try to access is blocked in your region, and automatically bypass restrictions by routing your traffic through an unrestricted location. Switch location anytime from the app or widget.

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Access to cheaper deals
on flights and hotels

Save money on your next travels by changing your virtual location when you make a reservation. Get access to special discounts and bypass dynamic pricing from airlines, hotels and travel agencies.

Bulletproof privacy in one click

Discover the world's #1 privacy solution

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