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What are Proxies?

Hoody SOCKS5 Proxies are faster and more flexible than VPNs. You can secure individual apps with Hoody Proxies, such as browsers or torrent clients. Your entire network won't be locked to a single location.


10Gbit/s Proxy

Encrypted tunnel

Exit IP

Apps relay Shield IP

Not your typical SOCKS5 Proxy

Unlike traditional proxies, Hoody Proxies are custom-made for unmatched speeds, and enhanced privacy through multi-hop on every request and the best-in-class encryption.

Double hop
Always double-hop

For Privacy

Encryption between hops

For security

10Gbit/s servers

For speed


Randomised IP/Location on every requests

Bulletproof Proxy

Highest level of privacy and speed with a randomized IP on every network request, websites load faster. 100% SOCKS5 compatible.

For extreme Privacy
One flag

Single exit country

Regular proxy

Keep using SOCKS5 proxies the old-fashioned way, but with a faster speed and more privacy with multi-hop.

For Privacy
Choose Mode

Unmatched privacy with
Hoody Bulletproof Proxy

Hoody Bulletproof Proxies deliver a much higher privacy than regular proxies. You get a unique IP address per website and for each webpage request. For instance, every image of a website loads from a unique IP, resulting in a drastic increase of speed and privacy.

IP cloud

ZERO restrictions

Experience unmatched levels of performance and flexibility with Hoody SOCKS5 Proxies. Unlike competitors, you don't a VPN prior to connecting to the proxies.


No bandwidth limit

Ultra-fast 10Gbit/s servers, unlock your ISPs full speed potential. No throttling, no restrictions.


Unrestricted P2P

Unlimited Torrenting (no throttling). Download torrents 100% anonymously.


Up to 5 concurrent connections

You can use your proxies on 5 devices or apps, or share them with family and friends.


Worldwide servers

45+ locations available, always multi-hop.

Operation systems

Works on all devices and platforms

Compatible with all OS, computers, mobile devices, routers, streaming media consoles, browsers, torrent clients, Smart TVs.


TCP/UDP/DNS support

Hoody empowers SOCKS5 by encapsulating UDP within TCP for compatibility. We route DNS through our remote servers.

Bulletproof privacy in one click

Discover the world's #1 privacy solution

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No name, no email, no credit card required

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Shredding paper

Zero logs

No name, no email required. Your privacy is our utmost priority. To protect it, our servers run entirely diskless (RAM servers) so we technically can’t store any logs of your activity.

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Easy integration

Hoody Proxies are compatible with 99% of the SOCKS5-supported applications, including browsers, torrent clients, gaming apps, or Spotify.

Torrent (Qbittorent, uTorrent...)
Games (Steam, Epic games...)
Entire OS
Chats (Telegram, Whatsapp...)
Smart TVs