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Strict ethical no-logs policy

Your privacy is everything to us. We don't collect your personal information and we absolutely keep no logs of your online activity, your data always remains yours.

RAM-only servers (nothing stored)

Our servers are run entirely on RAM without hard drives, on customized and encrypted Linux OS. This guarantees that it is simply impossible to log anything to disk. A seizure of our servers would result in a complete and immediate loss of data.

Classic disk storage

Classic disk storage

Unsecure against seizure

Secure RAM storage

Secure RAM storage

Live storage secure against seizure

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Hoody is based in the BVI, a jurisdiction far from the US and EU's control. The BVI has no data retentions laws, thus legally allowing us not to store your data.

Privacy and security redefined
Multi-hop by default

First hop to the Relay

Second hop to the Exit server (proxy)

What ISP, Big Tech & governments see

Hoody protects you all the way

Requests are encapsulated, encrypted, and sent to the Relay. The most optimized first-hop location is chosen by Hoody or adjustable by you.

The Relay verifies no correlatable data was leaked, then re-encrypts and forwards your requests to Exit modes for increased privacy.

Websites see only the Exit IP, which constantly changes in Bulletproof mode. Relayed traffic remains secure, even if compromised (i.e by governments).

Your requests are encrypted twice, first to the Hoody Relay and then to the Exit IP server. ISPs see only the Relay, websites see only the Exit IP.







1st Hop
2nd Hop

Encrypted by

ChaCha20-Poly1305 AHEAD

Encrypted by

ChaCha20-Poly1305 AHEAD