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What is a digital fingerprint

Every website you visit collects your personal data leaked by your device and browser known as "fingerprints". When put together, your fingerprints create a unique footprint about you, called "digital fingerprint", which is used to identify and track you.

Personal data
IP Address
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VPNs can only cover your location

Despite their misleading claims, VPNs are useless to protect your privacy. A VPN only hides your location (or IP address), which is only one among hundreds of fingerprints.

Hoody can cover all your fingerprints

Using new protocols and an encrypted network designed from scratch for privacy, Hoody can protect all your fingerprints and make tracking impossible.

Browser Fingerprint

Protection against cross
browsers fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting techniques utilize settings that are common to all your browsers. Without Hoody, you are being identified and tracked, no matter which browser you use.

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Browser extensions are
helpless. Not Hoody

Browser extensions are highly restricted and can't protect you against fingerprinting, no matter how many you have. As an app, Hoody is able to perform the necessary changes to shield your browser from giving away your data.

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Fingerprints are the new
cookies. Hoody ends it

Fingerprints have replaced cookies and IP address for tracking users, but they're far more invasive. Hoody spoofs your fingerprints and feeds websites with data that aren't yours, you become anonymous and can never be tracked.

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