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Change your location
per website & app

Unlike VPNs, your device is not locked to a single location. Hoody Smart Routing™ automatically chooses the most and secure location for each website you visit.

Per App

Your apps traffic is relayed through servers automatically assigned for performance.

Per Website

Every website is accessed through a unique location by default, adjustable with 1-click.

Per Browser

Your browsers can be configured to a unique location for specific purposes.

Instant Switch - 0.1ms

Instant website
Location switch

Change location seamlessly, without loading time or ever disconnecting your other apps and webites.

Yellow Fingerprint Cyan Fingerprint Magenta Fingerprint Purple Fingerprint
Violet Fingerprint Lime Fingerprint
Gold Fingerprint Red Fingerprint Aqua Fingerprint
Orange Fingerprint

A new set of fingerprints
on each website

Hoody provides you different location and set of fingerprints on every visited website. Even Google can no longer correlate your identity and track you. You're fully private and anonymous.

Hoody beats VPN

Hoody beats your VPN
in every aspects

VPNs obselete tech was never meant for privacy and locks your entire device's network to a single location. Hoody next-gen protocols are designed from the ground up for bulletproof privacy and adaptability.

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