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Better privacy and security online

Block ads and enhance your privacy with Hoody's built-in ad blocker. Enjoy distraction-free browsing, protect your personal information, and stay safe from ad fraud for a seamless and secure experience.

Block video ads, even on Youtube

Experience uninterrupted video watching on YouTube with our powerful ad blocker. Say goodbye to disruptive, unskippable ads and regain control over your YouTube experience.

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Reduce bandwidth needs
Faster browsing speed

Our built-in ad blocker prevents ads to download in the background, lowering the bandwidth usage and improving websites loading time. Enjoy a faster internet.

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Ad library updated daily

We update our ads database every day to proactively adapt to new types of ads created by advertisers, ensuring our ad blocker is always up-to-date.

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Easily enable or disable
from Hoody app or widget

Manage ad blocking with a single click either from the app or the in-browser widget, Hoody always keeps you in control of your browsing needs in a blink.

Bulletproof privacy in one click

Discover the world's #1 privacy solution

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